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Works great

Works great but I like their creme better

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Roll-On

Excellent Product

Provided relief quickly and without out mess or odour

Neck pain relief

This time ordered cream and the roll on. Much prefer the roll on. Seems to work much better. Cream doesn’t seem to work for me.

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Crème Airless Pump

Received a free sample from my doctor

I received a free sample from doctor flippin in Jonesboro! I have to say this product works miracles I have sciatica and headaches now my headaches are not normal headaches nothing otc or RX has ever worked for them I can have one for days on end day and night I put this on my temples and across my forehead and just nearly instantly it relives the pain from headaches ! And also works really good for my back pain I just bought another bottle and will continue buying it ! Try it for yourself it’s worth every penny you won’t be disappointed


Good short term relief on my back.
It has also given my spouse some good relief on her knees.

Made it so my husband could walk again

My husband’s knee was in such bad shape that he was walking with a sever limp—and he’s only 30 and climbs wind turbines for a living. Muscle therapy didn’t help, chiropractic only helped minimally, but cannavera relaxed the muscles and relieved 90% of his pain. When we saw the chiropractor again, he was amazed. Said that the oil probably reduced the inflammation enough that the knee could start to heal. This was truly a God-send and an answer to prayer!!!

5 star

Awesome Product
Pain relief immediately. Worked for my knee and my over worked shoulder.

Love this product and it really does relieve pain immediately. I definitely will continue to purchase this product.

Great Product

My grandmother who is 89 years old with long term infection from 4 knee replacements is using the product to reduce her inflammation and keep her off of narcotic pain medications!

Another product from the company and so far I’m loving it.

Love this product and the relief I get

Roll on pain relief

Works great! My husband and I use it everyday!

Life saver

In about a 5 year period I have visited 6 orthopedic surgeons, had many many xrays, cortisone shots, MRI's, physical therapy and have also used another CBD oil found online. Nothing worked for my labral tear in my hip which at this point has most likely turned into scar tissue. My last orthopedic surgeon told me that "no one can help me". I bought a small bottle of the Cannavera Oil just to try. Within just a few weeks MY PAIN WAS GONE. I massage it deeply into my hip 2 to 3 times a day. Yesterday for the 1st time in 5 years I walked and walked and walked all without the aid of a shopping cart. No pain. I'm shocked, amazed and eternally grateful for this product. I just ordered the bigger bottle. The residue oil that is left on my hands I rub into my knuckles or knees. Next week I will walk our entire development (2 hilly miles) without any aids. Thank you Thank you Thank you. BTW I'm 70 years old.

Life Changing!

I have chronic foot pain that even with nerve pain meds from my Doctor can often still leave me in the fetal position rocking back and forth in pain. My husband received a sample and applied it to my feet. Honestly I didn't believe some oil was going to take away the pain that doctors couldn't. Within about 10-15 minutes I was up and walking around. It was like magic. I couldn't believe it. I started rubbing my feet down with it every morning. I'm not going to tell you I'm 100% pain free, but it is so minimal compared to the crushing pain I had before. To put it in perspective it used to feel like I was walking barefoot on a messy floor of legos. Now it feels like almost nothing. I am finally up and moving again. Thank you, Lencura!!!!!

Unbelievable product!

I am a post combat soldier and a consistent marathon runner. I've always had muscle pains after intense army training and post long distance runs. A few days ago after running a marathon I applied the cannavera relief spray and the pain I had in my knees and quads disappeared within minutes. I highly recommend this product!

Beyond Amazing Product!

I was given a sample bottle of this product to help with back pain. Which I’ve seen some minor relief but to my surprise it had a side effect that I’m totally amazed with. I’ve had habitual dry hands for years now and have been using pharmaceutical appointments to keep my hands from cracking. The side effect of using this product in only three days, My cracked hands have healed up. I’ve also used other aloe vera products, but nothing has worked amazingly as this. I’ve been using this product for over a month now basically just on my hands and are now totally crack free and smooth. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Give it a try and see what it does for you. Thanks again you guys for creating a great product.

This is a real product

I had a few years suffering from my right knee, the pain is strong enough to demotivated me to do things i love to do, like run at the beach or do hiking. A friend of mine one day told me about canavera oil and even he let me use his roll on bottle for a couple times on one day and i was surprised about how effective this product is.
I try before a bunch of creams and other products from pharmacies and other stores and just wasted my money.
I buy two of this 30ml bottles for a better deals even when only i use a very small amount every time.
It also helping my wife that is being suffering from her sciatic nerve. And she says. Is really helping her.
I'm really happy with this product

100 yrs old

Bought for my mother who is 100 yrs old and her knees have arthritis in them. She uses the roll on and she said the pain has gone away.

Amazing product!

This product works great! My husband has problems with his hip but when he uses the spray in the morning, he can walk much better. I will be reordering soon. I plan to buy some for my 90+ year old father for his aches and pains as well.
Truly a miracle spray!

love this stuff

this works on my sore fingers and knuckles like nothing else.. I continue to be amazed at how effective it is. 5 stars!!!
Tim H.

Such a miracle product!

I am shocked by how well the roll-on works. The pain relief is almost instant. I can’t recommend this product enough. Will make sure to always have it on hand for my spine pain!