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Great Product

I am in my 60’s and have developed arthritis in my index finger of my right hand. I didn’t want to start using anti inflammatory for one finger. I have had great success with the Cannavera Oil relieving the arthritic pain in my index finger. I have relief (no pain) for 3-4 days between applications. I have recommended it to my friends who also have arthritis.

Great Skin Cream

This skin cream is outstanding. I have used a lot of different products and found this one to be a superior product. It is light weight yet very moisturizing.

Wonderful product.

It has been such a relief from the knee pain I have been dealing with for a long time now. Takes a couple of treatments before it starts to work but once it does I have such relief of the pain.

It helps

I have had 3 orthoscopic knee surgeries and now have osteoarthritis. I'm in constant pain but since I'm in my 50s they keep telling me to hold off on a knee replacement. So I've been trying anything and everything to help reduce my knee pain (i.e.; Euflexxa injections, rolfing, accupunture, and several other things). The cannavera oil does help and I like that I can carry it with to use when needed.

Works quickly

This product works quickly, but I still add the oil afterwards to get the longest relief of the pain. Love these products.

awesome product!!

this little roll on is the best!!! easy to great!

Arthritic thumb

I've had pain in my thumb for 2 years, until I used it yesterday before & during a round of golf. After 5 holes I could tell my normal aching had subsided. After the second application the pain I normally would feel was all but gone. I'm sold on Cannavera

Pain relief

I used the Cannevera oil on my chronic left IT band knee pain.
Within 45 minutes my pain was gone. I prefer this oil over the topical diclofenac solution. It works and doesn’t cost me $2000 a bottle like the diclofenac solution.
If your using any kind of topical non-steroidals give Cannevera oil a try.

works great

Relieved my wife's neuropathy in leg's, feet and toes. Help me with my reinaud's syndrome of my toes. Tried it on insect bites and stop the itching.

Winner winner

Again this product comes through for me. Not only does it help me with pain from everyday working out but now that our wet hot summer is here and bugs are out I’ve found it helps relieve any and all bugs bite issues. Pain and itching are gone! So glad found this amazing product.

Satisfifed customer

Works extremely well on muscle and joint pain.. Stopped bercitus (sp) in shoulder in 3 days.

Oil made a huge difference

I have had knee pain since a skiing accident in 2008. I have been to many doctors. They just give me anti inflammatory meds. I’ve been through physical therapy and injections in my knee. This oil is great it has really made a huge difference in the things i can now do without being in pain. Amazing!

Fantastic product!

Bought this to try on various aches and pains, and sore muscles as well as carpal tunnel in my wrist. It is super easy to use, smells good and provides great pain relief! My carpal tunnel is so much better after just a few uses, and it works great on knee pain and cramping muscles.

Cannavera oil

I have developed tendinitis in my left elbow.I tried the spray formulation and it didn’t seem to help me so I tried the oil and “O My”! My pain Was relieved in minutes. My observation is even if one formulation doesn’t work try another cause I experienced incredible pain relief...

Great product

I am very please with my product! I even order my Dad a bottle for his back! Hes having bad issues!


Love it! Works great on sore muscles.

far beyond expectations

I have pain in my fingers from both golf and playing guitar. this oil relieves the pain very fast, and there seems to be a lasting affect once i have used it for 4 or 5 days, where the pain doesn't come back for several days after. this is a miracle treatment, i will never be without it.


Oh What a relief it is!

I suffer from Arthiritis and pain was a daily occurrence. Managing it was challenging until I was introduced to this product. What a relief it is.

No more Advil

I shattered my knee several years ago and have lived with daily pain until I started using Cannavera oil. I went from taking 2-3 600mg doses of Advil daily to only once a day, and lately none. I have a history of stomach ulcers so having to take Advil was definitely not good for my stomach.

Oil- Pain relief

I have been using the Oil for pain relief several months prior to January knee surgery & since with Very good results rather than taking the oral pain medications! I personally would rather not take the Medication but would be willing to try the spray or cream if available! Great alternative to Oral Meds!!

Serious Arthritic Relief

I have used the Cannavera oil on my arthritic knee and have had great relief when I walk and especially when I climb stairs. I also have used it on both frozen shoulders and it has helped to increase my range of motion by easing the pain in both shoulders. I use it routinely and it works. I’m able to do stuff today that I haven’t done in years.

Stops gout and chronic neck pain

I used CANNAVERA oil on my painful left toe with gout and it stopped the pain after two applications. My wife has chronic neck pain from an automobile accident. She started using it regularly and it has dramatically reduced her neck pain. This stuff works fast and is long lasting.

Knees with arthritis

I used the cannavera oil on my arthritis knees while Playing tennis. Feels great and I can play longer!!!

Cannavera Pain Relief Oil

Recently used the oil for arthritis of the basal thumb joint. I have been getting cortisone injections for the pain. After two weeks of 4-6 times per day therapy, the pain is totally gone. Highly recommend the Cannavera Oil.