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I give it a 41/2.

Took care of 75% of my pain. This has helped more than anything else I've used.

Pain in limbo

Pain will leave but it comes back. It works but for what it cost you would think it would last longer. It has a very good smell but l am not sure it works any better than plain old caster oil. We have the spray and the roll on and my wife thinks it is great.

I like it

This product works, and you don’t need a prescription!

Truly works!

Love this product! Such a great alternative to oral medication for pain!

Pain relief

This roll on has helped me deal with my ankle pain. It is not a cure all, but it definitely helps sore muscles.

Knee Relief

My husband has been experiencing some knee discomfort, that also affected his lower back. When applied, this oil roll-on worked to give some relief during the sleeping hours. Feel it did as advertised.

This stuff works

I have to admit I was skeptical, but I'm so glad I bought 2 .
I work hard and deserve pain relief that doctors refuse to give help with, they are goverment shills.
They deserve a short rope


It helped me the first time. My not be able to afford it all the time.

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Liquid Spray

Relieved pain in knee and elbow almost immediately.

Tend to have sore knees and one elbow. It really didn’t take much of the roll on and within 5 minutes the pain went from a 6 or 7 to a 2 or 3.

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Roll-On


Works well. Love the warming. Smells pleasant, but super expensive.

Only occasional pain

I have only used your spray several times as my pain is occasional. It is difficult to rate your product as it’s not necessary to use every day.
Thank you for creating this pain reliever.

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Crème Airless Pump

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Roll-On

Topical Pain Relief Creme

So far patients have given us nothing but great feedback.


Great products
Sells very well

Topical Pain Relief Creme

Patient that we sold the creme to loves it. She said it provides fantastic relief for a few hours and that she just reapplies when the pain starts to come back. Would give a 5 star review if it lasted longer.

Wonderful product

I purchased this for my Dad who has neuropathy pain that keeps him awake at night, after a friend gave me a sample. He has tried other brands of CBD oil, and says Lencura is by far a better product. He let my sister and cousin try it and now they both have bottles! Will definitely purchase again!

I am happy with the service

The product seems to work well but getting it out of the “airless pump” container only works if the container is held upside down. A bit frustrating

Thank you for your review Arlene. The dispenser is an airless pump action designed to provide a precise amount per pump and maximum delivery of content so no amount is wasted. Sometimes it does take a number of pumps to evacuate all air from the container to create a vacuum causing efficient dispensing of the crème. The crème product is formulated to be efficient and effective so it can be used in a sparing manner. I am sorry your experience using this product has been less than acceptable. Our customer service department will contact you today. Sincerely, David Chadwick, CEO

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Roll-On